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AB1825 and Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company

AB1825.com is powered by Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company, the premier provider of workplace harassment training and other invaluable compliance training resources.

Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company provides online sexual harassment training, to meet and exceed AB1825 requirements. California law requires supervisor sexual harassment training to be high-quality, which makes Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company's best-in-class sexual harassment training course the leading choice for all California organizations.

AB1825 specifically requires that every organization provide all supervisory personnel with sexual harassment training, while California and federal law highly recommend that all employees receive harassment training as well. In addition to supervisor training, Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company offers an all-employees sexual harassment training course that provides California employers with an affirmative defense beyond the minimum requirements of AB1825.

The Leader in Harassment Training and More

Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company was founded on the philosophy that employees are any organization’s most valuable resource. In addition to harassment training, Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company offers compliance training resources on a variety of crucial subject matter from Respect and Inclusion, to Wage and Hour.

Educating an organization’s workforce on the sensitive subject matter of employment law is no longer just a good HR practice; it’s a necessity to create a diverse, ethical and thriving workplace.

It’s no wonder that Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company is the only compliance elearning company featured in the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies in 2010, 2011 and 2012!

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Dedicated to the principle that employees are any organization's most valuable resource, Workplace Answers has developed interactive online training resources that are easily deployed, simple to use and highly effective in educating an organization's workforce.
Workplace Answers was founded in 1997 on the premise that organizations needed a new approach to train their employees on sensitive subject matter such as harassment, ethics and discrimination. With an ever-increasing awareness of employment law and growing enforcement by the government agencies, workplace discrimination charges have continued to rise.  In recent years, the annual volume of formally filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  have reached approximately 100,000 per annum and fines awarded exceed $400 million.  As a result, the volume and complexity of compliance training needs have grown exponentially.
Educating the workforce about the finer aspects of employment law is no longer just a good HR practice, but a necessity to build an ethical, diverse and fair workplace.  To meet this objective, your compliance training partner is not only required to provide you with rich and constantly updated content but also world class customer service.  At Workplace Answers we blend deep content expertise with a high-touch client service model  so you can focus management attention on running your core business. 
Workplace Answers' training courses have been selected by over 1000 organizations including educational institutions, commercial organizations and government organizations to train over 2 million employees nationwide.  Our products have been continuously refined leveraging both the courtroom scrutiny that we have successfully handled and the diverse client needs we have met over the years.  We measure our success by the success of our clients and the industry leading client retention.  In fact, our best references continue to be our existing clients.
No wonder, we are the only compliance elearning company that featured in the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies in 2010!