AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Faculty and Staff

California sexual harassment training law mandates that employers provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all supervisory personnel. Higher education faculty and staff members may be considered supervisors under AB1825 as well.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Faculty”  is customized with an academic setting to meet any campuses’ needs in complying with AB1825. This supervisory training course contains all faculty-based storylines and scenarios to engage higher education faculty members and staff with an invaluable learning experience.

Course Content for Faculty Sexual Harassment Situations
The course provider, Workplace Answers, has extensive experience in deploying courses at educational institutions and in customizing compliance training content for academic, campus and administrative staff:

AB1825 Training: Customized for Higher Education

Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company has plenty of invaluable experience in customizing compliance training content for academic, campus and administrative staff, as well as in deploying harassment training courses at educational institutions across the country. The course content for faculty and staff meets and surpasses all AB1825 requirements.

Features exclusive to this California sexual harassment training course for higher education faculty and staff include:

  • An explanation of when and how faculty members can be personally liable for engaging in acts of sexual harassment, as well as the risk of civil and criminal penalties
  • Practical instruction on how to abide by the law in an academic setting
  • More than 80 entertaining interactions and exercises that challenge faculty members to test their understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment in real-life academic scenarios
  • Guidance on when to bring issues of potential harassment to the attention of administrators, and an institution’s legal responsibility to investigate appropriately

Definitions on statutory provisions of AB1825 and relevant federal law are explained. Resources and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment are provided at the end of the course as well.

Technology and Distribution Features:

  • California sexual harassment training courses run smoothly on any given web-browser, even slow and dial-up connections
  • The Policy Acceptance feature automatically documents individual acknowledgement of the institution’s harassment prevention policies electronically
  • A downloadable “Certificate of Completion” is available when the California sexual harassment training is completed
  • The course’s Pace Meter keeps learners on track and ensures that the AB1825 minimum two hour training requirement is reached by all learners
  • The Electronic Message Center makes it easy for a single non-tech administrator to manage California sexual harassment training requirements
  • Courses can be deployed through any web-based delivery, or through your institution’s Learning Management System