AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

California law requires that supervisor sexual harassment training be provided to any employee who supervises a minimum of one individual, regardless of their actual title. Additionally, AB1825 mandates specific course content to be included in training, and specifies instructions for web-based modules.

Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company's high quality online course, “Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors”  is the ideal solution for California mandated supervisor training class, as it meets and surpasses AB1825 requirements.

Sexual Harassment Training Course Highlights:

Workplace Answers, an EVERFI Company's online supervisor sexual harassment training course includes all AB1825 mandated content, and follows the specific instructions for web-based delivery. Instruction for recognizing, reporting and resolving sexual harassment in the workplace is provided along with insight on complaint confidentiality and non-retaliation requirements.

Harassment law is detailed to ensure learner understanding of prevention and enforcement:

  • Federal harassment and discrimination laws, including Title VII, ADA and GINA
  • New Supreme Court rulings expanding retaliation prohibitions
  • Recent examples of real-life harassment cases ripped from California headlines
  • The intersection on California and federal harassment law
  • The organization’s legal obligation to properly investigate potential harassment

Additionally, the online supervisory training class explains how supervisors may be personally liable for retaliation through top-notch interactive features, such as animated vignettes and interactive games to ensure learner engagement. Resources and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment are provided in the course as well.

Online Supervisor Training Class - Deployment and Technology:

  • The Electronic Message Center feature makes it easy for a single non-tech administrator to manage supervisor sexual harassment training
  • The Policy Acceptance feature electronically records employee acknowledgement of the organization’s harassment policies
  • Interactive “Q&A” feature and “Ask HR” button are included within the supervisor sexual harassment training course
  • A downloadable “Certificate of Completion” is available upon completion of the supervisor training class
  • An exclusive Pace Meter ensures that California’s minimum requirement of two training hours is reached, while keeping learners on track.
  • The supervisor sexual harassment training course can be delivered through your organization’s Learning Management System, or through any Web-based delivery method